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Introducing SpeedVitals Paid Plans

· 3 min read
Kashish Kumawat
CEO @ SpeedVitals

SpeedVitals Pro

We started developing SpeedVitals almost 2 years ago to build a Web Performance Testing Tool that is feature-rich, easy to use, and takes Web Performance testing to the next level. We finally shipped the Alpha version in July 2021 and the Beta version in early 2022.

Over the last two years, we have launched several exciting features such as Batch Test, Testing API, Global TTFB Test, Web Performance Monitoring, and more. Now, it is time to move to the next step!

Today, we are delighted to announce SpeedVitals Paid Plans that include many exciting features such as Batch tests on up to 35 Locations and 30 Test Devices simultaneously, Higher Monitoring Slots, and different Monitoring Schedules.

We have launched 3 Plans: Starter, Growth, and the ⚡️ Pro Plan. You can view the details & compare them on our plans page. If you choose the Yearly Pricing, you can get 2 Months Free on our plans.

SpeedVitals’s Free Plan will stay Free Forever and continue to have all the basic and essential features for Web Performance Testing.

We have many exciting features lined up for later this year such as TTFB Monitoring, Real-User Monitoring, Result Comparisons, and Web Performance Experiments. Many of our upcoming features will be available on the Free Plan as well.

You can also look at our Roadmap and vote for the feature you want us to work on next!

Here’s a brief summary of all our new Plans.

Starter Plan

Our Starter Plan is perfect for users new to the world of SEO and Web Performance. It offers 4x Weekly Test Credits compared to the Free Plan and 3 Monitoring Slots. On Starter Plan, you have 2x Locations and Devices and you can also perform Batch Test on 20 Locations/Devices/URLs at once as compared to 10 on the Free Plan.

Just like every Paid Plan, you can access all 40 TTFB Locations instead of 30. You can run higher concurrent tests and you’ll get Priority Support from the SpeedVitals Team.

Growth Plan

The Growth Plan is a more advanced Plan that offers 2.5x Weekly Test Credits compared to our Starter Plan. It also offers 5 Monitoring Slots that can either have a schedule of 24 Hours or 12 Hours. It offers 30 Test Locations and 25 Test Devices and you can perform Batch Tests on just as many Locations and Devices.

Apart from Email Monitoring Alerts, Growth Plan also supports Slack Integration. You’ll also get Better Screenshot Quality and higher concurrency on Growth Plan.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is our most powerful Plan that includes everything SpeedVitals has to offer. You get 1500 Weekly Test Credits (Both Web Vitals and TTFB) and 10 Monitoring Slots. You can also schedule your Monitoring Slots to work every 6 Hours on this Plan. Webhook Alerts are also available on the Pro Plan.

SpeedVitals Pro Users will also get Priority Access to new features that are still in Beta. If you’re struggling with the optimization of any Web Page, you can also contact the SpeedVitals Dev Team and they’ll provide suggestions on how you can get started.