Weekly Performance Digest

Get the performance summary of all your websites via Email every week.

Performance Summary of all Websites

Web Vitals & TTFB Scores

Get a the summary of all key performance metrics over the past week. Our weekly digest combines both Performance and TTFB Monitoring.

Comparison with previous week

Compare all the metrics and performance score with the previous week to track your website performance.
Monitoring Digest
Best and Worst Slots

Best & Worst Performing Slots

Take action on the underperforming Websites

Discover the underperforming websites and check their Monitoring Page to discover the performance issues. SpeedVitals monitoring helps you ensure that your website stays fast before it can affect the Core Web Vitals scores.

Incident summary over the week

Get Data on Triggered Alerts

The Weekly Digest mail gives an overview on the performance incidents triggered over the past one week. This can help you understand performance inconsistencies and how often your websites are crossing their performance budgets.
Incident Summary

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