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Introducing SpeedVitals TTFB Test

· 2 min read
Kashish Kumawat
CEO @ SpeedVitals

SpeedVitals TTFB Announcement

We are extremely delighted to announce that our TTFB Testing Tool is now live.

It is the first free TTFB Testing tool that can measure Time to First Byte from 25 locations in one go!

This can help you discover the locations where your website’s performance is slow and scale/implement CDN accordingly.

You can access the tool on this web page: SpeedVitals TTFB Test

Here are our current supported locations:

SpeedVitals TTFB Locations

Our 25 locations include 18 different countries. These countries are:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Finland
  3. Belgium
  4. Netherlands
  5. Poland
  6. Germany
  7. Switzerland
  8. United States
  9. Canada
  10. Brazil
  11. India
  12. Taiwan
  13. China
  14. Japan
  15. South Korea
  16. Singapore
  17. Indonesia
  18. Australia

And we will soon be expanding to even more locations including Africa & Middle East!

Features of SpeedVitals TTFB Test

Here are the highlights of our new tool.

Region-wise TTFB & Average Scores

We have separated all locations based on their region for better analysis of the data. We are also displaying the average TTFB for every region.

Region Wise Data

Interactive Map

Our interactive map makes it easier to visualize different locations across the globe. Hover on any location and you’ll get the TTFB value corresponding to it.

TTFB Interactive Map

Headers Section

You can view the HTTP headers of any Web Page from 25 locations to ensure everything is working as expected across the globe.

HTTP Headers

Overall Performance Summary

This section will provide the average TTFB  across 25 locations as well as a grade and a performance score. scores a whopping 99% on this test!

Let’s see if your website is fast enough to beat us!

Worldwide Aggregate Data

To access our free TTFB Testing Tool, visit this link.