CDN Performance Checker

Compare Your CDN's TTFB Performance.Powered by Tests Performed on SpeedVitals TTFB Tool.
Time to First Byte (ms)

How does SpeedVitals obtains this Data?

SpeedVitals obtains the CDN Performance Data using the Test Performed on the TTFB Tool. Every month, more than 500,000 TTFB Tests are performed on SpeedVitals which makes this data extremely accurate and reliable.

What is the purpose of this tool?

This tool can help you compare your CDN's Performance against its competitors to help you make an informed decision. Some CDN Providers perform exceptionally well globally while the rest only perform well in certain continents like Europe or America. This information can be very useful depending on the primary demographic of your website audience.

What is 75th Percentile and 90th Percentile?

Percentiles are a statistical way to divide a dataset into 100 equal parts, representing relative positions. For example, if a CDN's 75th Percentile (p75) is 300 milliseconds, that means in 75% of the Tests Performed, the TTFB turned out to be less than 300 ms and in 25% Tests, it was above 300 ms.

In the same way, we can also define 90th Percentile (p90) and 99th Percentile (p99). For 90th Percentile, 90% of the tests had TTFB lower than its p90 value while 10% Tests had TTFB higher than its p90 value.

Why some CDNs are missing in this graph?

While SpeedVitals is able to detect most CDNs, it is not possible to detect some of them via Response Headers. Furthermore, some CDNs don't report the Cache Status in their response headers. Hence, you will need to select "All Cache status" instead of "Only Cache Hits" in the dropdown.

Lastly, we have a minimum test threshold for a CDN to make into this list. If a CDN rarely gets tested using our tool, it might not make into this list.

How frequently is this data updated?

This data is updated everyday. For more frequent stats, you can change time period from Last 3 months to Last 1 Month or 1 Week.