Web Performance Experiments

Test your Website's Performance against different optimizations without implementing them.
SpeedVitals Experiment

Over 10 Different Experiments

Block Certain Requests

Prevent Certain Requests from executing during the test.

Optimize Image Loading

Lazy Load Below-the-Fold Images and Preload Critical Images with a single click.

Preload, Delay & Defer Requests

Apply various optimizations on CSS, JavaScript, and Font Files.
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Experiments Visual Experiment

Visually Compare Results

Compare Results Frame by Frame

Compare the Video to understand the how the experiment impacts key page load events.

Detect Visual Errors Due to Optimizations

Certain Optimizations can break the Page and give unexpected design breaks and Layout Shifts. These errors can be diagnosed easily with Video Comparison.

Save Time & Effort on Guesswork

Pro Experiment Suggestions

SpeedVitals automatically recommends the requests to select for an experiment.

Easy to Use

Implement various optimizations without touching the code or breaking a production site.
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